Sunday, 20 November 2016

A New Week

Tomorrow is Monday again. The weeks are speeding by. It'll be the new year before we know it. We have a busy week ahead. We have had a very good weekend.  We had visitors yesterday,  and had a good lunch and catch-up. We had a skype call with my son and family in Houston, Texas. I love modern technology at times...other times I hate it ! Last night I tweaked my neck. Don't know how but it was so stiff by bedtime that I had a very uncomfortable night's sleep. I've had a hotpad on it this afternoon,  and will be going to bed earlier than usual.

We had soup for Sunday lunch. I just couldn't  face cooking a roast. I could barely move my head. So I  threw some left over chicken in a pot with fresh veg, lentils and herbs. It was delicious. We had it with a crusty loaf. There's enough left for lunch tomorrow.

We got a new ( to us) freezer this afternoon. A friend of my daughter's was selling it for £25 so we jumped at it. It's a big chest freezer and will be very useful. We already have an upright,  but you can never have enough freezer space. Daughter and son-in-law picked it up for us, and it's humming away at the moment. It gives us a chance to defrost the upright tomorrow.

I'm watching the weather report as I type and it looks like we're in for a rotten day tomorrow, but we've got enough to keep us busy in the house. I've got sewing to do,  and will continue listing my craft stash on ebay. I collect granddaughters from school every Monday. They stay for their tea and my son fetches them after 6. A busy day for us. Mother will potter about, she's going to bake us a cake and some scones. She's 85, but keeps herself going by being useful. A good lesson.

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