Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday

Today, people will be spending madly, spending far more than they can afford, a few weeks before Christmas. Crazy. What is it that makes folk want to take part in such madness ? Why the yearning for "stuff" that they don't need ? Here, I'm trying my best to be rid of " stuff ", trying not to be bound by it, a slave to it. I must be getting old. I'm beginning to sound like my parents.

On a lighter note, I haven't been able to access my blog dashboard for a couple of days. It was quite frustrating as I had thoughts in my head that I wanted to share,  and which I have now forgotten. That's the way it is these days. If I don't act immediately,  the thought disappears.

Today will be a quiet, sensible day. I won't be spending money, I'll be earning it. My ebay sales are mounting up, who would have thought it ? People are buying my old "stuff", and I'm encouraging them with low prices and cheerful descriptions. I am a black Friday vendor. Hypocrisy !

I will swish a feather duster over the furniture this morning, run the vacuum gently over the carpets, list a few more items on ebay, and potter about. I've just finished my book, Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell.  I was disappointed towards the end of it. I lost interest, but soldiered on to the finish. I have so many books on  my kindle, so will settle down with something different for a few hours this afternoon.  Mother is going to bake for the weekend. She's good at it, so I leave her to it. It keeps her busy and she feels useful. Hubby is attending a breakfast meeting and will be back mid morning.  It looks cold outside...I haven't put my nose out the door yet. The sky is clear though, so maybe we'll have some sunshine after the last few miserable grey days. That's our day so I'd better get it started.


  1. Hello Lorraine. Just come to see you from Rachel's page. Looks like I might be first comment on yours! But I am on iPad in bed and it usually doesn't work.

  2. Oh, looks like it worked! Will find you again tomorrow and do a proper comment! My youngest son lives in oxford. He went to Brooke's and now works there. Eldest went to balliol so we know oxford quite well. We live in Harpenden.

  3. Hello Frances. Thanks so much for commenting. I've been wondering id anyone was actually reading ! I love Oxford...used to go a couple of times a and lunches. But don't go as often now. It's one of my favourite cities.

  4. Hello again….I am now on the main computer eating breakfast. This is when I check up on my blog pals! Just read all your recent posts and nice to see that I am the first to comment .( Feels a bit like pen pals) I hope your neck is feeling better…there is nothing like a stiff neck to make you feel yuk. My apparently crumbling neck bones were giving me pain in my shoulder a while ago. I had exercises to do, and re started taking glucosamine that I had been using for many years, but had stopped for a while and it is now OK. As you can see from the thumbnail, I have a schnauzer, Alexi. He is now 3 and a delight ( most of the time) I also have a yorkie who lives here. She belongs to an elderly neighbour who can't walk her anymore , but she is able to have Gemma for a few hours in the day. My boy lives in a flat in Headington. He can see Waitrose from his bedroom window! When we visit we tend to park there and just have a local walk and then lunch ( with the dog) in his local The Butchers Arms, which is nearby in a back street. It is so difficult to park in town. It means going all the way round the one way to behind the shopping centre, and using the temporary car park there. What " sort" is your little dog?

  5. Thought I would like to get to know you but you seem to have disappeared. Hope it was nothing I said and you are ok.