Friday, 18 November 2016

Where to begin ?

Where to begin this blog ? I've had other blogs in the past, one of them lasted for over five years. But I deleted them a while ago. I just didn't think I could be bothered blogging again. I was wrong, so here I am.

Today is a slow day. It's freezing out, so I've no intention of going anywhere. We've had a busy week. I'm clearing out a lot of crafting supplies...particularly stamp sets. I was about to bundle them all up and send them off to the charity shop, then realised I could sell them on ebay. I'm not an ebay seller, and found it a real pain to list everything, but I think it'll be worth it. I listed 30 items, to be auctioned over the next five days, and when I checked earlier, one item was up to £17 already. What !! The mind boggles. Have people gone mad ? I'll be putting a lot more on auction if I get that kind of money. Look after the pennies ?

Fridays are fish and chips nights, from our local shop. Mum and I cook and bake all week. Friday is our night off. Hubby doesn't mind. He'd have takeaways more often than that,  but I prefer our home-cooked meals. Mum (she's 85) is in the kitchen at the moment, making pastry for tomorrow. My niece and her son will be visiting for the day from Bristol, so we'll be making a nice quiche for lunch.

What to watch on the box tonight ? I hope there's something interesting on...maybe a wildlife programme...anything to take the mind off the political commentaries we've had to put up with lately.  Not that I'm uninterested. ..I'm very interested.  But it's all just too much. We need a calm, peaceful night, some light entertainment and chocolate. That should do it.

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