Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Fun and Games

This is a video of a game that one of my granddaughters wants for Christmas. I ordered it and it arrived this morning. The video is from youtube and is great fun. If you need a laugh do watch it. I'll be sure to have whipped cream on standby for Christmas day.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas planning

What miserable weather we are having today.  Its foggy,  damp and cold. I won't be going out at all. I plan to have a good tidy up, and start thinking about Christmas preparation. Note...I said thinking about it, not actually doing anything yet.

The children and grandchildren prefer to have money for Christmas. I think it's a good idea, and saves me tearing my hair out while buying them stuff they don't want or need. We discussed it years ago. I thought gift cards were a good option, but we decided against it. I will also give the younger girls a few little presents so they have something to open when they come here. Hubby, Mother and I don't spend a lot of money on each other. It's just not necessary. Do I sound a bit Bah Humbug ? I'm not really. I enjoy this season. I enjoy Christmas day. I love watching the children opening presents...seeing them so excited. But more importantly,  I love that my family will all be here,  we’ll share a good meal together, and create happy memories for the grandchildren.

And so, I will think about my plans today.  We'll put the tree up a day or two before Christmas day, and some simple decorations. I have a few different roasts in the freezer, just have to decide which to cook. My girls will each bring a small roast something, a veg, and a dessert. We make it simple, but there'll be plenty of food.  I'll do a few snacks too. Mum will make mince pies and sausage rolls next week and we'll freeze them. There ! I've worked it all out already. There'll be no mad spending, no frantic rushing around, no stress. It will be a time to enjoy the family, enjoy being together and making memories.

Monday, 5 December 2016


It's been a weekend of celebration.  What have we been celebrating  ? My birthday on Friday, and our anniversary on Saturday...65 and 45. How on earth did that happen ? Where did those years go ? Do I feel 65 ? What does 65 feel like ? And married for 45 years ? Oy ! There were times I could have strangled him. But I wouldn't change him. He's been my rock, my anchor, my refuge and my friend. No...I wouldn't change a thing.

Saturday brought visitors for my birthday...pots of tea, and cake...much laughter and reminiscing. A fun day. Yesterday, Sunday, we went out for lunch with my eldest child, my daughter, and her husband...and mother was with us of course. We didn't travel far...just to the pub round the corner.  I can walk the distance in about 4 minutes. But Mother can't. So we took the car. The table next to ours was 16 strong, a booked Christmas celebration, complete with champagne,  prawn cocktails,  and poppers. You know ? Those things that you pull the string and they go off with a loud bang, and shoot little bits of paper into the air ? One went off and the paper landed in Mother's dinner. We had a good laugh at that, and it kept Mother occupied for 5 minutes, picking the bits of paper from her gravy.

Last night we watched Strictly, and the Judge went out. Who next ? It's been a good season, and we've enjoyed it.

Time to get my day started. I've had 3 cups of tea already. I'm off to help Mum get herself ready for the day.